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LAM, KWOK, KWAN & CHENG C.P.A. LIMITED (“LKKC”) is a Certified Public Accountants firm incorporated in Hong Kong more than a decade ago. LKKC is made up of a Professional Team of qualified experienced Professionals including Chartered Accountants (CA), Fellow Certified Public Accountants (FCPA), Certified Financial Planners (CFPCM), Lawyers, Financial Analysts, Software Engineers and backed up by a team of members who have extensive experience in audit and accounting profession.

LKKC offers a wide range of services to our individual and business clients. Our firm provides quality services and one stop solutions for our clients. We are specializing in Auditing Accounting, Taxation (Hong Kong & China), Company Secretarial and Financial & Management Consultancy Services. Our Professionals are all committed to provide to our clients with the highest standard of professional services.





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